My “Perfect” Valentine’s Day

I am the first to admit that I love Valentine’s Day. The reasons why have evolved over the years, but the underlying reason has always remained – I love celebrating love. I believe love should be celebrated every day, not just V-Day, but I love that on one day of the year we are reminded (sometimes painfully) to feel the love in our relationships whether they be with partners, siblings, parents or friends.

In the beginning of our romance, V-Day was planned in advance, with dear husband planning a dinner date (I’m rolling my eyes as I type this but we actually enjoyed the special V-Day menus offered by all the restaurants) and both of us spending a lot of time (well, at least me anyway) picking out the perfect gift for the other. So much thought went into making this celebration special. As the years have gone by, we would still go out for dinner, however it would usually be some time in the week before or after V-Day, and we started hinting about what we would like to be gifted.

These days, we count ourselves lucky to go out for dinner without the kids and our gift-giving consists of “Hey honey, I bought myself a [item] today. It can be my V-Day present, ok?”. Sure, I’ll admit, it’s not too romantic, but actually I love that this is how we celebrate V-Day. Having said that, dear husband always remembers to give me flowers on V-Day so I think I would be slightly miffed if a bunch of something didn’t make an appearance on the day.

So yesterday, my V-Day was spent nursing Master 1, who woke up with a low fever which escalated to a very high fever by mid-afternoon. Dear husband was working so a very clingy bub and I did the school drop-off and pick-up for Miss 6 (Miss 4 had a sleepover with my folks, thankfully) and spent much of the day lazing on the couch watching Master 1’s favourite movies. The old me would have been annoyed that I wasn’t able to get anything done. Dear husband even said not to worry about preparing dinner when I told him I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to peel Master 1 off me. Maybe it’s because it was V-Day – I’d like to think it’s because I’m more present and mindful these days – but I was more than happy to just cuddle my little man, who just needed his mum to get him through his discomfort. After all, aren’t our kids the best celebration of love?

V-Day flowers 2017. Love.
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