Facing the world each day

I wanted to share a recent habit I’ve developed which has helped me tremendously in feeling prepared for the day ahead when I wake up in the morning.

I don’t particularly enjoy the weekday rush to head out the door for school runs. There are at least a couple of moments of complete stress in getting the kids ready for school. Whether it’s ensuring breakfast is eaten in a timely manner, the correct books are in the correct bags on the relevant day, lunch prepared, everyone dressed, baby’s overnight nappy changed, sunscreen applied…by the time we head out the door, I am sad to say I am quite often a nagging mess (carrying three bags and a wriggly toddler). It’s not unusual for me to have skipped breakfast (to be honest, it’s much more pleasant to eat it when I come home from the school drop-off – I can actually have a hot cup of tea and not scoff my food down like the guy in Man v. Food in a food-eating competition) but this often makes things worse because I get pretty “hangry” (i.e. hungry-angry).

So, about that habit. It’s nothing earth-shattering or groundbreaking, and I still get hangry and stressed some mornings (not helped by the fact Master 1 has decided on some mornings that he doesn’t want to get in the car but would much rather play in the garden on the way to the car), but it is something small that has somewhat helped me to change my mindset positively in how I approach the hectic before-school “busyness”.

Every morning, without fail, I do the same three things. When these three things are done, I feel ready for the day. It’s going to sound silly when I tell you what these things are for me, but the key is to find what one, three or even five things work for you in order for you to take hold of the day ahead.

Here they are (don’t laugh):

  • make my bed. I’m not sure how this became so important for me. There’s just something about a made bed that says “now for the day ahead”.
  • brush my teeth. If this does not happen before I leave my bedroom to tend to the ravenous children outside, it doesn’t happen. So, I make sure it’s done first thing when I wake up.
  • change into outfit for the day (I’m an evening shower person). Obvious, I know right? I promise I’ve never done a school run in my pj’s. Still, in my world, it’s another (essential) task that is sometimes difficult to get to, especially with two sometimes warring siblings and a toddler who loves touching the insides of toilets and picking through bins.

Of course, ideally I’d love to get a whole heap more done (like put on lippie, spritz a fragrance, send a couple of emails, drink the cuppa dear husband has made for me while it is still hot) and I do get to sometimes, but if at least those three things above are done, I can feel myself become more positive about the day.

Are there any set routines you follow in the morning so you are ready to face the world?

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