State of Escape Carryall

I recently took the plunge and bought State of Escape’s extremely popular Escape Carryall (I bought it in the LUXE charcoal marle colourway). I have been seeing these State of Escape bags everywhere, mostly carried by mums and sporty types.

I have been using this as my everyday bag for well over a month now and foresee it as a go-to bag for years to come. Here’s why I love it:

  • It is super-versatile. It can be carried to the gym, to the swimming pool or to a casual dinner out with friends. I also used it to travel recently and it is up to the task!
  • It is made out of lightweight neoprene (wetsuit material) and is therefore perfect for when I don’t want to lug around lots of stuff in an already heavy leather handbag.

  • Related to the point above, it can carry a LOT of stuff. The sides can be cinched in with snap buttons (all my pictures in this post have the sides cinched in because I much prefer the look of the bag that way) but if more things are to be tossed in there, unsnap the buttons and voila! the bag is expanded to fit it all in. Having said that, I wouldn’t overload it or fill it with bricks. While neoprene is pretty strong and the bag keeps its shape while loaded (thanks to the sailing rope used for structure and straps), I feel like the neoprene could be overstretched and damaged if the bag is heavily loaded.


  • It comes with a matching tethered neoprene zip pouch to hold small valuables. This is very handy because, as with all large bags that don’t have any pockets or compartments, there is a bit of “fishing around” for things. I use my zip pouch to hold car keys. I also use a couple of large pouches to organise my smaller items (the pink suede pouch pictured in all the photos is one of them).

  • It can be thrown in the washing machine (gentle cycle) or hand-washed. Can’t complain about that!
  • It is made right here in Australia!

The Escape Carryall by State of Escape is an everyday bag that is not only practical and comfortable to wear but also looks beautiful at the same time.

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