Project Princesses – my girls’ bedroom makeover

I have been slowwwwwlyyyy working on my daughters’ bedroom and wanted to post a bit of a progress report. Genevieve and Lucinda only moved in to a shared bedroom about a year ago when Eugene and I finally booted Gabriel out of our room into what was Luci’s room. Besides us not having enough rooms in the house for each kid to have their own bedroom, I wanted Evie and Luci to live in close quarters as they do not always see eye to eye (this is a euphemism).

A before shot!

To say that this has been quite a long work in progress is an understatement. As you can see in the photo above, the girls previously shared our old queen-sized bed and there were many “moments” of tug-o-war with the doona and whinging about kicks in the night. The window treatments desperately needed updating and the bedsides were not functional (no sliders on the drawers which were heavy with the girls’ books).

It has been a dream of mine to decorate kids’ spaces – in fact, at the beginning of the whole process, my plan was to do up the girls’ and Gabe’s room and see whether this could be something I could do as a part-time job. It is absolutely still a passion of mine, as interiors will always be, but at the rate I was working on these rooms (Gabe’s room remains untouched!), I don’t know of anyone who would want to engage my services!

So this is the updated space as it stands today. What you cannot see to the right of the picture is an old IKEA Pax wardrobe, which is going to be replaced with two separate smaller wardrobes. I cannot wait for each of the girls to have their own wardrobe because currently, Luci’s clothes are still in Gabriel’s room and Gabriel’s clothes are still in our room!

There is still a bit to do: other than the wardrobes, I would like to have the girls’ names or initials hung above their respective beds; in one of the corners of the room I would like to set up a reading retreat; and finally, I have some beautiful wall decals I have been meaning to stick on the wall facing the base of the beds. I will post on my progress (let’s hope it won’t be another year – I really want to work on Gabe’s room!).

Before I sign off on this post, I’d like to add a small note about the girls’ gorgeous linens. They are from Snurk and absolutely beautiful. Genevieve chose the mermaid design:

The detail (down to the subtle sprinkling of glitter) is amazing.

And Lucinda the princess:

I am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with respect to the girls’ room…

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